Monday, October 20, 2008

6-wheel Circus

What has 10 arms, 10 legs and 6 wheels? My whole family out on a run!
(That is 2 adults, 3 kids and 2 strollers.)

When we had just one stroller, whoever was faster at the moment, depending on who was training for what or whether I was pregnant or not, would push it to slow him/me down. This is the conundrum that my husband and I have encountered when trying to run together.

There are four possible scenarios:
1. If the woman is pushing the stroller and the husband is struggling to keep up, he's a wimp.
2. If the woman is pushing the stroller and the husband is clearly faster, he's a jerk.
3. If the man is pushing the stroller and he is clearly slower, he's a control freak.
4. If the man is pushing the stroller and he is clearly faster, he's a show-off.

What's a guy to do? ;)

So now that we both have to push a stroller if we want to run together, I'm glad that I can keep up (i.e. save face) for the shorter distances, at least, despite the 2-month-old baby!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The 90-minute Mile

My daughter is in kindergarten at the neighborhood school this year so we've been walking back and forth. The younger two kids generally ride in the stroller on the way over in the morning so we can go on our run after we drop her at school, but in the afternoon, the baby rides in the infant carrier and both the 2 1/2 - year old and the 5-year-old walk. Some days are slower than others. The kids like to play with sticks as we go. Sometimes one is eating a snack as we meander home, but the other day I timed it and projecting the pace into "runner's terms," we were doing a 90-minute mile! Wow! That is slow. Painfully slow. It is hard, as a grown-up, to walk that slow.

So, "Why torture yourself?" one might ask. I think that they are learning a good lesson. Walking is good exercise. It is better for the environment than driving. It is a nice opportunity to talk about our day. We can watch as the leaves start to change colors. It is a routine that they can expect everyday. I think that it is even good for their self esteem to see that they can accomplish this - because sometimes they find it difficult...or so they say.

It is also good exercise for me since sometimes I do have pity and give piggy-back rides. My 2 1/2-year old coined it a "Mama sandwich" with the baby on the front and the toddler on the back! I continue to have the highest respect for Sherpas (

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Running with Three

A reader recently inquired about how I was running with three kids. I should clarify.

First point, they do make triple joggers. I have a couple friends, God bless them, who actually run with three kids across. Wow. These strollers are expensive, however, but very useful when all three kids are too young for school. You will not fit through doorways with this stroller!

Second point, when I chose the witty name "runningfor3" I did not actually know I was pregnant with my third child yet so I was counting myself. Sort of like the time my husband and I purchased a brand new lightweight tent for all those long backpacking trips we were going to do. Then I figured out I was pregnant about ten days later. Sure, that tent has gotten a lot of use...

Third point: If I have all three kids with me, I can't actually run, but I can walk with the infant in a carrier while the other two ride in the stroller. Transporting 90+ pounds of children plus equipment is not really enjoyable though you will feel the burn AND possibly earn your honorary Sherpa status.

Solution: Divide and conquer. I run while Turkey #1 is in school. Sometimes on weekends, I take the baby or the baby and another so Daddy doesn't have to deal with all three at the same time. I have friends that have taken their kids to do track work. Park them right in the middle and then you can seem them all the time as you run in circles.

PS. There is also the stroller playdate. If you can find a friend that has an older child in school and he/she can push one of your kids while you push the other two. That could be fun for all.