Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Triple Strollers

I managed to get my oldest in school right after my third child was born, so I have never had the privilege of running with a triple stroller, but if you, like some of my friends, have three kids under the age of 3, you might need one! Here are three styles that I have seen out and about that are all running-possible.
1. Baby Jogger

2. Valco
Double plus a "jump" seat

3. In-line strollers

There is often more than one brand offering each of these configurations, but this is a start.
Good luck!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Getting Chicked"

According to Runner's World Magazine, "Getting Chicked" is trail-running lingo for
"Being outrun by a woman. This can only happen to men. It's best when it happens to macho men. It's even better when the woman is wearing a skirt. Tough trail women wear skirts. And look hot. And beat men."

I will one-up that. I like to pass men while wearing a skirt, looking hot, AND pushing my stroller! It happens! Often!

Pregnant Running

The worlds of pregnant running and stroller running often collide. (Not for me right now which is a good thing, but I digress...) I've been reading a blog by a pregnant runner on See Mommy Run, I've been seeing several different pregnant runners around Burke Lake, AND there was just a whole article about two pregnant pro-runners (Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher) in Runner's World magazine this month. It's cool since I don't think that I EVER saw another pregnant lady running all the times I was out there with my big belly over various years. Though maybe you couldn't see the belly behind the giant double stroller!

Anyway, if you are already a runner, being able to keep it up is great physically as well as psychologically. Of course, to what extent one can keep running varies greatly from one person to another. The Runner's World article did a good job of showing that it can be done safely and healthfully, but to run to the extent that these ladies do while pregnant is a special case given their pre-pregnancy fitness and the amount of professional coaching that they receive.

Being pregnant does slow you down for a time, though. We'll see how things go as I begin my first two-years post-partum and not pregnant. Will I continue to improve or does the 2 1/2 year cycle of pregnancy and recovery reach the same plateau?