Thursday, July 9, 2009

Opportunity, Not Liability

Think of your jogging stroller as an opportunity, rather than a liability. Use your stroller as a training tool! Pushing your stroller provides a great chance to improve your strength and endurance faster than running alone. In fact, my husband and I have found success using both strollers even when there are only two (out of three) kids with us. Rather that one person pushing both kids, we split them up, with one child in each stroller to keep us better matched in pace.

Sure, it is easier to run without the stroller, but if I'm going to bother getting out there, I can't say that I mind the benefits that come with pushing the stroller:
1. have a place to put my water.
2. exercising the upper body.
3. burning more calories.
4. impressing the other walkers and joggers that we pass.

So, embrace your stroller! Keep in mind, however, that you will enjoy running with your stroller more if it is a good fit for you! I am happy to give advice and answer questions about choosing the right stroller for you. Please contact me ( if you have questions about buying a new stroller or about issues with your current stroller. Happy running (or jogging or slogging or walking)!


HEATHER said...

The jogger is certainly great for resistance training! Love to feel the difference when I go for solo runs!

N.D. said...

I was thinking one day, hmm, maybe I am burning more calories. But - I think that I run slower when I'm pushing the stroller - do you ? I feel like it evens it out.

runningfor3 said...

I've always read that you will burn the same number of calories per mile no matter what your pace, it just takes longer if you run slower. Things like running uphill or adding resistance (like the stroller) can add to the total calories per mile.