Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Longest Mile

The other day we dropped off my daughter at school and #s 2 and 3 and I set off for a routine 5-mile run. I felt like it was the longest run of my life. For a while, we ALL felt like we were not ever going to get home. I wasn't actually running much slower than usual. I think that time just stood still for a while.

We did eventually make it home about 48 minutes later, but this run reminded me that running with a jogging stroller really is as hard as it looks. There is no easy way to start. Either you have a tiny (i.e. light) baby, but you just had a baby after being pregnant for 9 months or you are starting up when your kids are a little older (i.e. heavier). Regardless of how you begin, it will be hard, but you will rise to the occasion!

You will get used to only swinging one arm at a time and you will become accustomed to the slightly different posture of pushing a jogging stroller. You will also get stronger. You will gain mental toughness - especially uphill! I'll let you know what happens to the physics of the situation when the stroller/passenger unit actually weighs more than I do....

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