Friday, November 13, 2009

Berlin Wall

The anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall has been in the news and that got me thinking...wouldn't it be just a little convenient to have a wall separating the two sides of the double jogger sometimes? Since that, at the very least, would be very heavy, here are some other ideas for keeping those little hands to themselves:

-There is "My Francesca" and "Baby Francesca" (the doll). Some people may shy away from giving baby dolls to boys, but I've found it really helpful to fill my rough-n-tumble boy's hands with something that he can give a good squeeze to if he just can't resist the urge. He has his own Francesca, so he can keep his hands off of mine! Sometimes it is his airplane instead. Anything big enough that he needs to use both hands to hold on to it.

-2 separate blankets in cold weather. They can tuck their hands inside instead of mittens and that keeps them to their own sides.

-Or if the weather is warm, you can take their shoes off so that the kicking is less effective.

-Tight harness so they can't lean too far forward. (Also makes it easier to steer. Probably safer too...)

-Snacks and drinks in duplicate. You would think that a 3 or 4 year old would find Zwieback toast or Biter biscuits to be disgusting...until you don't offer him one!

-Emergency pretzels sticks. Never get caught unprepared. Great for relatively clean snacking as well as math games!
Me: "How many do you want?"
Sp: "Four."
Me: "OK, here's two. How many more do you need?"

-Two sets of headphones attached to a splitter so both kids can hear the music, but not each other. (I only break out these big guns for runs >= 10 miles.)

-Toys TIED to the stroller so they can't get thrown overboard.

Every child is different. We could pass hours just singing with my oldest daughter, but now if I try to sing anything, my son yells at me, "Don't sing!" What do you do?

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