Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summers Off

I've had the opportunity to run without my jogging stroller (agast!) this August as I did last August. Due in part to my accommodating husband and in part to waking up before dawn, I've some lovely experiences with solitude and summer sunrises. The hard lesson I learned last September, however, after enjoying this luxury all summer, was that kids keep growing all summer! I can remember how hard that first day back with the jogging stroller was last September.

So, we packed up the family for a family run the other morning. It's good to get the husband out with a stroller from time to time too (empathy). My response was that it was good to keep the stroller pushing muscles fresh and perhaps more importantly, keep the kids in the habit of riding. My husband's response was, "These kids need to learn how to ride their bikes!" Also true.

So, a couple tips as you re-enter your fall schedule (or start running with your stroller for the first time):
1. Destination running (to the park, pool, store, etc.) is a good step to get the kids psyched up again and keep each trip shorter.
2. It is still hot. Bring everyone their own water or somehow you'll end up with none.
3. Start with relatively flat, straight routes. Add the hills as you regain comfort. If the kids are indeed heavier than when you left off in the spring, downhills are just as much a change and the uphills. Be careful.
4. Hide secret snacks/toys that the kids only get on the way home/second half.
5. Try running longer routes more frequently (i.e. 6 miles every-other day rather than 3 miles everyday). It is easier to keep going once everyone is already packed up and the kids won't drag their feet about the stroller so much if it is not EVERY day.
6. Check tire pressure. Air leaks out when you don't use the stroller for a while. Like a car uses more gas when your tires are under-inflated, pushing the stroller with flat tires makes it much harder.

Good luck.


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ross88guy said...

I tried running with a stroller for the first time the other day and after one hill was completely shattered! I think I need to start off on the flat for a few weeks and build up!

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