Sunday, January 23, 2011

Safety Third*

Just a couple miles from my son's preschool is Lake Accotink which, among other features, has a dam that looks like a waterfall. This is a sufficiently exciting destination for my two year old. This is also completely irrelevant except to explain why we were not beginning our run from home.

In short, the clip broke as I was buckling my daughter into her 5-point harness. I wanted to go, so we went anyway. We had the "bubble" (windshield) all hooked up, so she could not have fallen out. She sat still for the first half and then on our way back, the stroller started to get a little jumpy. I suddenly realized, "Hey! What are you doing?" She had turned herself around to sit on the foot rest facing the seat. Then a couple minutes later, things felt a little crooked so I look over and she is upside down! Then hanging over the side watching the wheel spin. Once we made it to the top of the hill, she did listen to reason and logic that she should sit still for going faster downhill.

I was fortunate that I saved the harness clips from my old stroller so I could easily replace the clips. They are, of course, not interchangeable from one brand to another.

*We've been watching a lot of "Dirty Jobs" episodes and this is also the name of one of the episodes.

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fancy nancy said...

Oh my word!!! My little one likes to wiggle but your's took it to a whole new level!!