Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inner tube, Bent Valve

All my strollers have 16" wheels, but the smaller size wheels are 12" and it can be tricky fitting a pump in there to add air.
If you have an air compressor, that will work because of the small head. Alternatively, strollers such as Valco and Phi and Ted use inner tubes in their tires with bent valves. This allows you to use a regular hand pump. It can be hard to find these replacement tubes, however. Best bet:

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annab said...

Thanks for your post. I am having trouble with replacement tubes for my Jeep stroller. Jeep won't even sell them without the tire. I broke the pump that came with it trying to get to a straight stem. I checked out Amazon as well as the other stroller mfg you mentioned. I did find the 12" tubes, but at $10 a pop plus shipping, wow! My tires get low a lot and I will need to replace all three. My stroller is getting very expensive.