Monday, February 17, 2014

As Your Kids Grow

As I return from a ride on a Fat Tire bike in the snow, I look forward to these beautiful summer days again. My 10-year-old has very much out-grown her jogging stroller days, but we have enjoyed our time together on the trailer bike. For kids ages 5-9 or so, the trailer bike is a wonderful way to travel a longer distance that your young rider may be able to do on his or her own power. We used the trailer bike to commute to camp this summer, hence the large backpacks, but it is also great for recreational riding. I have since this time, added pannier bags and a fender to the front bicycle and it all fits together just fine. If we are riding to a destination such as the park or ice cream store, I appreciate that the 5-year-old can be attached to me as we near traffic and not be left to her own navigational devices. Trek makes a few versions of the trailer bike. This is the MT 206 which has 6 speeds, but the MT 201 has a single speed. Both models have a 20" tire which is the same size as the bicycle that an average 7-8 (+/-) year old rides. The trailer bike clamps to any size seat post with the use of shims. It is not recommended for carbon fiber seat posts, so not a good addition to your Cervelo or Speed Concept. Burley, the company which makes many bike trailers for children, dogs, and cargo, also makes a trailer bike such as this. Their model clamps to a rack on the rear of the adult bike. There is also an add-on package available to convert their trailer bike to a 20" bicycle for the child to ride on his/her own.

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