Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't Leave Home Without...

You only need a flat tire 4 miles from home once to realize that you ought to bring a spare tire along. So, here’s what I consider the essential items to bring along for every run:

  1. Water: some for everyone since the kids will never share when you want them to.
  2. House keys
  3. Cell phone for emergencies.
  4. Road ID because I never remember to put my ID back in my wallet afterwards.
  5. Hand pump
  6. Spare inner tube* or patch kit
  7. Tire levers
  8. Extra diaper and wipes, if applicable
  9. Optional: accessories for the weather such as blankets, sunglasses, snacks, etc.

*Small stroller wheels are usually 12”, medium are 16” and large are 20”. Your stroller tires and your older child’s bike tires might be the same size.

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