Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pump It Up

I can take the cold, but the precipitation is keeping us in, so what to do? It turns out that my kids love doing aerobics tapes! I prefer STEP aerobics and still have the original STEP Reebok VHS tape circa about 1993. My daughter will choose “yoga” – actually Denise Austin – if given the choice. I am not sure how that miscommunication arose. So, anyway, we have these sets of tiny 1-pound dumbbells and the kids LOVE TO WORKOUT! Sometimes they tire of Kathy Smith’s background music so we mute the volume there and listen to They Might Be Giants ABCs while I follow the visual cues.

The kids pile on my back for push-ups at the end and everybody wins!

The main thing I will caution you about is that you have to keep a really careful eye on where the kids are at all times so you don’t accidentally kick anyone in the head.


Ran Barton said...

That last part sounds suspiciously like advice that comes from personal experience. Hope everyone's okay!

Nora said...

I LOVED the Reebok Step video! Now I wait until the kids are napping before I attempt anything. Tommy loves to crawl all over me when I'm attempting ab work. Believe it or not, I don't get much accomplished when he does that.
Keep it up, Jen!

carla said...

how slow am I?!

Just realized that your blog is "linked" (dotted? :)) at blogmommyblog!

love it.

carla (aka MizFit)