Monday, January 4, 2010

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Two independent things have crossed my path which I find humorous (in addition to MORE fallen trees).

First - random, possibly automatically generated email from,

Second - an article, "Unexpected Upsides" by Marc Parent in January 2010 Runner's World. I quote, "The nonrunner sees the runner as a one-dimensional animal. From the perspective of a couch or car seat or park bench, the runner is simply a person who runs. After a little more thought, the description may change but only slightly - runners are seen as either fit or insane or, how I'd always thought of them, both. When pressed, nonrunner may expand their idea of what a runner is, but the perspective remains primitive - the runner is a person who is fit, insane, and really tired."

I have to admit that I scoffed at the idea of putting one's dog in a stroller for a run, but then I wondered whether nonrunners or childless runners think I am just as crazy for pushing two kids on three wheels all over town. In short, I am crazy. Our last two runs were in 24 deg. F weather. I'm well on my way to rock hard! And I guess I'm a little tired too...

So if you are crazy for your dogs (I'm thinking "Best In Show" crazy), you're set.

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