Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Answers for Aerobars

I did a great run around Lake Mercer that has roller coaster ups and downs plus a slalom-through-trees part to put the new Healthy Handles through their paces.

1. It is January, so we'll have to wait a couple months to find out about the dripping sweat issue.

2. I tried to really pay attention to this one. I found that I do better with this than I realized. The real bending at the waist comes when walking up a hill. Generally the hills I can jog up are still steep enough that the stroller is already above me, so using the Healthy Handles in a position above my handle bar made them shoulder-level. I don't want to dismiss different as bad. I generally hate change, but I am aware of this personality "quirk". It sort of is equivalent to the difference between a seated chest press and an inclined chest press.

3. It is nice to have >2 options (i.e. top or side). Like how you can get tired of always holding your bike handlebars in the same place.

4. I have not tried the Healthy Handles on my single Kelty yet. I think that they are not compatible. The Kelty handle bar is already split and at angles.

5. With the Healthy Handles above my handlebar my elbows are bent to less than 90 deg. I'm not sure that this tighter arm position is either better or worse. It is like "The Flying Scotsman" .

Overall, I definitely think that these are AWESOME for anyone over about 5'10" AND anyone who struggles to turn their stroller. The longer lever arm is perfect for that. My Dreamer Design is already incredibly easy to turn, but unfortunately for you, that company has gone out of business.

I am going to experiment with some inside-the-handlebar positions next.

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