Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Jen

Q: I'm about to have my 2nd baby in April and am VERY anxious to get back into running. I already signed up for a couple of fall marathons. Ambitious - but I think I can do it. I've been running with our Bob stroller for a while, but will soon need a double wide and wondered what brand you like. Have you been training with your new baby in the stroller and did you have to use your car seat for the extra support for such a young child?

A: Congratulations. I run with a Dreamer Design double. I bought this one b/c it was and is my only double so I also wanted to use it to walk to the store, etc., but if I was choosing only for running, I think I'd go with a Baby Jogger. If you love your BOB, definitely consider their double, but I didn't prefer the extra weight that comes with the bells and whistles, the extra effort it takes to push through the suspension to turn and the extra cost.

Both my second and third kids have started going for walks in the jogging stroller at 2-3 weeks old and jogging by 6 weeks and I haven't used an infant seat. Really, at 6 weeks post-partum, we're moving at 6-8 MPH - on a good day. Hardly breakneck speeds. I just use one of those head cozy upside down U things and some rolled up blankets. I will say that even though it was really hard mentally to wait 6 weeks, my midwife had a really really compelling argument about internal organs, so I recommend that as well. I just started up the low impact stuff like STEP aerobics and careful weight training sooner (~2 weeks post).

I've always done my first "comeback" race at 3 or 4 months post. Previously a sprint tri or half marathon. I don't see why you couldn't do a marathon in the fall, though I will say that I've struggled with racing while still nursing because of the hydration and electrolyte balance issues. If you have any suggestions on that point, I'd be happy to hear. My first big spring race is in about 3 weeks, but I still nurse my 7 month old constantly so it looks like I'll need to come up with some solution - and quick. I've heard that salt tablets work well along with all the water.

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