Thursday, March 19, 2009

Over-Dressed to Kill or Dressed to Over-Kill?

One of the biggest benefits of running with a stroller is that you always have a place to put stuff. You don't have to start out your run freezing cold because you can just take off the layers and stuff them into the stroller as you go. This only works, however, if you remember to wear layers. The weather has started to warm, if inconsistently, but my clothing choices haven't caught up, it would seem.

As I found myself suffering through another run in pants that were just too hot, I tried to think motivational thoughts:
1. Maybe the extra warmth will help prevent my joints and muscles from injury.
2. Resistance training.
3. Sweat off a couple ounces.
4. Better to run hot than run in my underwear.
5. Mental toughness.
6. I've got to get home somehow.

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