Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Stuff!

Recently I wrote about a great high-impact nursing bra. If you would like to try this bra for FREE, email me ( or leave a comment below with your name, address, and size. I'll randomly choose a winner on 4/14/09 and Expressiva Nursingwear will send you one for FREE!

That's a good customer service rep!

I realized after I wrote the above, that it is a little weird for you to send me your address and bust size and everything - but then my power went out, so I couldn't change it right away! Anyway, just email me and I will email you back if you win and then at that time you can privately give me the other information :)


Jennifer said...

I would love to try this bra!

Kara said...

OK, I know I'm too late for the freebie, but considering my plugged duct issues, you think a nursing/jog bra would help?

runningfor3 said...

I've had trouble with clogged ducts on and off too. One friend of mine thought that wearing a jog bra was causing the problem. The trouble is, to be effective, a jog bra needs to be a little tight, right? I think that the key thing is to get the jog bra off and not leave it on too long.
The biggest advantage to a nursing jog bra is really just access.