Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Next Big Thing

Arm warmers! I'm convinced that the next fashion fad in running is arm warmers (after the summer, that is). Leg warmers made a comeback, right? So, you heard it here first!

I ran the Cherry Blossom 10-miler this past weekend. I missed having my stroller along - just an itty-bitty bit - because if I wanted to wear any extra clothes to start out, I wouldn't have anywhere to put them! It was a beautiful day, but a little chilly (50 deg F, +/-) when you weren't actually running. I had to wear shorts and short sleeves to run as fast as I could, so arm warmers were the answer! They are standard wear for bicyclists - which I am also trying to become - so it was great! When I got hot, I just tore them off and stuck them in my waistband. I didn't even need to slow down.

I chuckle a little since there are so many problems with trying to transition from jogging with a stroller to racing without one. But if I can figure out the wardrobe, at least that is a start. I used to subtract 1 min per mile from my stroller pace to approximate my non-stroller pace, but I think that the stroller must be getting heavier because I pulled 7:22 min/mi, on average, in the race and I am definitely not running 8:30s or better with the stroller these days.


Jennifer said...

I'm going to be running with my stroller here pretty soon and hopefully it will work as well for me as it has for you

Jesse said...

Watched some of the finish of the Boston Marathon today... happy to report that the arm warmer trend appears to have really taken off.