Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Running my stroller into the ground

Well, it's conclusive. The lifespan of a Dreamer Design Ditto jogging stroller is 4,000 miles. Now the welding at one of the joints has failed in addition to the untrued creaking wheel which is stuck onto the frame, torn fabric and rusted snaps. Unfortunately, it appears that Dreamer Design has gone out of business! Maybe we just ran off-road one too many times, but I do feel that I've gotten my money's worth out of it.

For now I've got it duct taped together while I decide what my next move should be. After giving advice to other people about buying a jogging stroller for so many years, I know exactly what my options are, but none of them are particularly cheap! Even though Spencer is 3 1/2 already, I think that I still have 2 more years of running with the double since he'll go to afternoon preschool and I don't prefer to wait until 1 pm to run everyday! Hmmm...

I chose to buy the exact same stroller from a seller on craigslist. I had to stay with red. I feel like it's me trademark at this point. I'm the crazy running lady with the giant red stroller. The guy selling it was nice. It may have been used 2 or 3 times, but it looked like it was straight out of the box. Though Dreamer Design is no longer in business for replacement parts or warranty issues, now I have a stroller for spare parts too.

Coincidentally, REI had all their BOB strollers on sale the same week I was making this choice so, on a whim, I put Maddie and Spencer in a BOB Ironman double (the really popular yellow one with suspension) and it was RIDICULOUS! The effort it took to push THROUGH the suspension to make a turn made it almost impossible to turn at all. No wonder so many people find it so hard to run with a jogger! Now I understand why they made a front swivel wheel. Once they added the suspension, you can't turn anymore! So silly...

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Bethany Snyder-Morse said...

I need some stroller help! I just bought a new Dreamer Design Ditto Deluxe, 2007 model. It's the model with one-hand fold. Is anything on it likely to break? Anything I should know? I am worried since I can't get parts. If I need new wheels, can ANY bike store wheel work, or does it have to be a certain kind (no longer made)? Also, will this stroller turn? It's a fixed wheel, and I jog, but slowly. Actually I am walking now since baby #3 is due in 2 months. Email me at bnsnyde@bgsu.edu