Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Running with a stroller is like doing a triathlon

This (belatedly) marks my return to "Multisport"!

On April 25/26, Roger and I did two duathlons as a relay team at the National Duathlon Championship in Richmond, VA. On Sat., he rode the mountain bike and I did the trail running segments. Then on Sun., he did the road runs and I biked. Other than being *&%#ing hot, it was great and we definitely held our own, though we did just miss placing on Sunday (we were 4th). I ran over some glass at the very end of the race, but luckily, the tire held air until it was all over. This is very very lucky since I did not realize until we were back home that I did not actually have all my tools and supplies for changing a tire.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our friend Lily who traveled with us and watched the kids at the hotel while we raced. THAT is a good friend!

Running with kids in a stroller is, in many ways, like training for a triathlon. The running part should be obvious, but you are simultaneously worried about getting a flat. Pushing the stroller also requires significant arm strength.

I have also observed that triathletes tend to be an always-be-prepared sort of crowd. As an individual runner, it is easy to throw on some shorts and lace your shoes and that's about it. You can depend on water,etc. at a race. Just as a triathlon requires goggles, towels, water, helmet, bike,2 or more pairs of shoes, spare parts and tools, the list goes on and on... packing up for a jog with the kids in the stroller generally includes 2 or more water bottles, snacks, a towel and/or blankets, hats, first aid kit, keys, phone, tissues, and -oh yeah, right - the two kids!

Finally, at the very least, I'm just trying to keep my head above water both literally and figuratively. Today marks DAY 1 of 2009 triathlon training. Alas, this requires a babysitter since the local rec center won't let me tow the kids in a boat behind me as I swim (kidding). Anyway, 2000 m actually felt good. I'm not fast, but I held my own in the "Medium" lane. So, here we go!

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